Assault: Seun Kuti apologised, gave cop ₦‎12,000 to repair vehicle, police say.

The PUNCH has solely accumulated that following the occurrence that prompted the capture and detainment of Afrobeat performer, Seun Kuti on Monday, the suspect had apologized and given the amount of ₦‎12,000 to the attacked official to fix his harmed vehicle on Saturday.

Assault Seun Kuti apologised,

Immaculate sources conscious of the occurrence affirmed the advancement to our reporter on Monday, adding that the official had followed Seun Kuti to his Associated Osiyemi home off Allen Road, Ikeja after the performer slammed his vehicle on the Third Central area span.

The Police Advertising Official, Benjamin Hundeyin, likewise affirmed to our reporter in a call, that Seun Kuti apologized to the attacked police officer and provided him with the amount of ₦‎12,000 for vehicle fix.

A source said, “Seun Kuti was the one that slammed the official’s vehicle, and the police officer followed him to point out his it, yet the performer landed from his vehicle and slapped the cop as found in the moving video. In any case, the official revealed the occurrence at the Police Order in Ikeja.”

“The police officer was distant from everyone else. After the quarrel, he followed Seun Kuti to his home in Ikeja, and the performer apologized to the cop and gave him ₦12,000 to fix his harmed vehicle.

“In any case, the official revealed the episode at the Area F Police Order in Ikeja, and stored the ₦12,000 at the counter while he gave a composed assertion concerning the occurrence,” another source said.

The PUNCH reports that Seun Kuti is right now being held at the State Criminal Examination Division, famously known as Panti, in Yaba, Lagos State, following a visit to the FCID over the supposed attack.

The performer was joined by a legal counselor addressing Falana and Falana Chambers, the law office of well known basic freedoms dissident, Femi Falana, SAN.

Our journalist only got a video clasp and pictures showing the performer in cuffs while being strutted by cops at the SCID, Lagos.

Answering a request concerning Ṣeun’s expression of remorse and financial tip, in a phone interview with our journalist on Monday, the Police Advertising Official, Benjamin Hundeyin, said Seun Kuti had on Saturday apologized to the attacked police officer and provided him with the amount of ₦‎12,000 for vehicle fix.

Hundeyin said, “Albeit the examination is as yet progressing, however your correspondence is right. Seun Kuti apologized to the official on Saturday, and gave him ₦‎12,000 to fix his harmed vehicle, after the official followed him to his home in Ikeja after the quarrel.

“Luckily, the police officer had before detailed the episode at the Area F Police Order, and saved the ₦‎12,000 with the Order, before the video of the attack became a web sensation via virtual entertainment.”

The PUNCH announced that the Auditor General of Police, Usman Baba had prior arranged the capture of the performer.

The IG similarly requested a fast and full examination concerning the remote and prompt cause(s) of the supposed attack and indictment of the suspect as needs be.

This was as the performer claimed endeavored murder of himself and his family by the cop being referred to, in a virtual entertainment post got by our journalist on Saturday night.

Be that as it may, following the IG’s organization for his capture, Mr. Kuti in another Instagram post, said, “I invite the examination and will give my full participation! I additionally appeal to the IG that whoever is off-base ought to be arraigned.”

This was as the Police Administration Commission requests the quick indictment of the performer, adding that nobody has the option to attack a cop in uniform and on true obligation, regardless of the offense committed by the cop.

Following the turn of events, Falana, SAN, said the performer had looked for his legitimate administrations, adding that Seun Kuti has proof to safeguard his activity.

Falana said, “I’m his attorney and he has informed me. He absolutely has proof. This isn’t whenever he first is managing the police.

“He (Seun) will report himself to the police tomorrow first thing. Everything is good to go by any means.”

Performer gambles with three years detainment

As per area 356 of the Nigerian Crook Code Act, whenever saw as at real fault for attack against the yet-to-be-named cop, Ṣeun Kuti is at risk to burn through three years in jail.

The Demonstration peruses,” Any individual who attacks, opposes, or stubbornly impedes a cop while acting in the execution of his obligation, or any individual acting in help of a cop while so acting is at real fault for crime and is responsible to detainment for quite a long time.”

The PUNCH reports that Kuti in a 12-second video cut which became a web sensation on Saturday showed Kuti, who wore a red shirt and white sets of pants, pushing a police officer, who remained close to a Toyota Hilux police van. He then continued to slap the cop, as he yelled, “You dey frenzy, you dey distraught?”

A driver, who recorded the episode from his vehicle, was heard saying, “Omo na Kuti o. Na better news be this o.”

PSC requests artist’s arraignment

The Police Administration Commission has requested the prompt arraignment of Afrobeat performer, Seun Kuti, over supposed attack on a cop on the Third Central area span in Lagos State on Saturday.

The PSC Administrator, Dr. Solomon Arase, a resigned Monitor General of Police, said Seun’s arraignment would act as a hindrance to different residents, adding that nobody has the privilege to attack a police officer in uniform and on true obligation, regardless of the offense committed by a cop.


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