What is your favorite Indian web series?

Best Indian Hindi Web Series / Top 5 Indian Web Series. What is your favorite Indian web series?

Best Indian Hindi Web Series / Top 5 Indian Web Series. What is your favorite Indian web series

Which is No 1 web series in India?

The most popular web series in India is Mirzapur, which is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Who is the best Indian web series?

Some of the best Indian web series include Sacred Games, Mirzapur, Made in Heaven, Delhi Crime, Paatal Lok, and Scam 1992.

What is Your Favorite Indian Web Series? As of May 2024

The Indian web series according to me which deserves mention :

  • Tvf Pitchers (Entrepreneurship based comedy drama) (Tvf play.)
  • TVF’s Kota Factory (Coming of age study, comedy drama) (TVF play.)
  • Tvf Tripling Season 1 (Family Comedy) (Tvf play.)
  • Mirzapur (Action,Crime drama) (Amazon Prime Videos)
  • Asur ( Psychological, Crime, Drama Mythology Thriller) ( Voot Select )
  • The Family Man (Action, Comedy,Drama,Crime thriller) (Amazon Prime Videos)
  • Special Opes (Action, Crime thriller) (Hotstar)
  • Tvf’s Permanent Roommates (Romantic comedy) (Tvf play)
  • Sacred Games Season 1 (Mystery thriller) (Netflix) Tvf’s
  • Panchayat (Comedy,Drama) (Amazon Prime Videos) TVF’s
  • Hostel Dayz (Students Comedy Drama) (Amazon Prime
  • Videos) Aam Aadmi Family (Comedy, Drama) (The
  • timelines) Flames (Comedy, Drama, Romance) (The
  • timelines) Pradhanmantri (Facts, History, Drama) (Abp
  • news originals) Gullak (Comedy, Family, Drama) (Sony LIV)

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What is your favorite Indian web series?

I don’t have personal preferences or emotions. Top 5 Indian Web Series / Best Indian Hindi Web Series However, I can provide you with some popular Indian web series that are highly acclaimed by audiences and critics alike:

  • 1. Sacred Games – A crime thriller series based on Vikram Chandra’s novel of the same name, available on Netflix.
    2. Mirzapur – A crime drama set in the lawless city of Mirzapur, available on Amazon Prime Video.
    3. Paatal Lok – A crime thriller series that delves into the dark underbelly of society, available on Amazon Prime Video.
    4. Delhi Crime – A police procedural drama based on the true events of the Delhi gang rape case, available on Netflix.
    5. The Family Man – An action-comedy series that follows the life of a middle-class man who works for

How do Indian web series destroy youth?

Actually the impact is not that much, those who are matured and today youth are really enjoying these things and i heard people saying they are showing the reality and i am like really !

Immense amount of violence, ange, nudity becomes the other names of Indian web series. When i am thinking about these type of series and the India after 20 years, it really makes me scared. As we all know these series are easily available for everyone and just for formality they are showing that it is only for 18+ people.

Just assume normal kids watching this shit, makers showing people spending violence as hero, being angry as it is cool, showing different different kind of things by which they can threaten someone(which one normal person can’t even think in dreams that i can use this thing in this way). These all things heavily impact the mind of students of age below 15.

Which Indian web series do you watch?

Following are some of my favorite Indian web series –

  • Sacred Games
  • Mirzapur
  • Yeh Meri Family
  • Tripling
  • Official Chukiyagiri
  • Breathe
  • Breathe in the Shadows
  • Criminal Justice
  • Apahran
  • Little Things
  • Adulting
  • Aam Admi Family
  • Humorously Yours
  • Permanent Roommates

Best Indian Hindi Web Series / Top 5 Indian Web Series. What is your favorite Indian web series

Which is best Indian web series ever and why?

“ASUR”, this is the best Indian web series till date

They had a great story line without having an kissing and smooching stuffs( not against it but I feel most series use it to lure the audience) The combination of mythology and science was uncommendable
Stress on human and criminal psychology was well laid and it was able to hold suspense till the end … Hope you love the series ..you can watch it on voot select And if you love the series do upvote my answer and follow me (p.s I’m new here so do support )

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