Linking Farmers To Market!


Linking Farmers To Market!
Linking Farmers To Market!

Don Carlos, Bukidnon – On the way back to Kidapawan City from Cagayan de Oro City, I met with a Cassava farmer in Don Carlos town to pick up 5 kilos of Cassava Granules.

Two weeks ago, Cassava farmer James Baldosano sent me samples of Cassava Granules via LBC asking if I could help him and his group get a good price for their produce.

The first samples did not pass the quality standards of the buyer so I asked him to submit new and cleaner samples at 14% moisture content.

James said their problem is the absence of drying facilities, especially the UV Plastic Sheet-covered dryers.

When I told him I will find a way to give them UV Plastic Sheets the cost of which would be deducted from their Cassava deliveries, he was very happy and grateful.

These are the little things that our poor farmers need but sadly these are oftentimes overlooked.


(Photos by Rose Parillo.)


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